Ramsey Auto Group Supports Autism

Ramsey Auto Group Autism Awareness Ramsey Auto Group is detected to helping our community. We feel it is important to get our dealerships, staff, friends an family involved in the efforts we make towards helping others within our community.

A cause that we take to heart and continue to support is Autism. Not only do we sponsor and raise money toward Autism causes, we encourage others to spread the word and bring awareness to individuals living with Autism.

Children & adults with Autism and their families face daily struggles. There are organizations that we support who’s primary existence is to make these struggles easier – they strive to help turn uphill bates into life time achievements.

Our Ramsey Auto Group has recently sponsored the Go the Distance for Autism event that raised money to fund local programs for Autism education, treatment, vocational training and unemployment opportunities.

You can help by choosing to get involved.

With the collaborations of friends, family and the community we believe that everyone can use their voice to spread awareness and make a difference in the lives on individuals and their families living with Autism.

Learn About the 2015 Bike Ride

We encourage you to visit the Autism Society website and learn more about donating and being an Autism Advocate! We appreciate your involvement and Ramsey Auto Group will continue to support this ongoing cause.