Ramsey Auto Group Raises Over $850K For Local Autism Treatment Programs

8th Annual Go the Distance For Autism Bike RideThe 8th Annual Go the Distance For Autism Bike Ride, presented by Ramsey Auto Group, raised over $850,000 in essential funds for 5 leading autism treatment institutions to help them continue their life-changing work with families from our communities.

The EPIC School, Alpine Learning Group, Garden Academy, Institute for Educational Achievement & REED Academy work to change the future for those who struggle with autism, spread much needed awareness and directly impact the lives of children & families living with autism.

Over the past 8 years, the Go the Distance for Autism Bike Ride has raised more than $5,500,000 from thousands of participants and donors. To learn more about this event and the organizations that received these donations, please visit https://www.gtd4autism.org.

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and despite home therapies, he would not respond to his own name or answer questions. He entered a public school district at age 3 and his behaviors worsened over the next 5 years. He had hair that cascaded halfway down his back because he had anxiety about ever having a haircut. He had never been to the dentist and he was scared & distrustful.

In December 2012 at the age of 8, Jim was accepted into his program. The program took a chance on him and amazingly, that chance started to pay off. Not long after Jimmy started his new program, his grandmother accompanied his parents to observe him. When Jimmy saw his grandma while riding a scooter, he stopped, walked over to her, said hi to her and gave her a hug. This spontaneous greeting and embrace was a first for Jimmy.

In the 5 years since Jimmy began the program, he started becoming a new person. He now goes to the dentist & the barber, visits new places, rides his bike & scooter, play bingo, work on puzzles. Jimmy also asks to see his aunt, uncle, cousins and grandfather almost daily.

None of this, along with Jimmy’s smile, hugs and kisses existed prior to joining his program. The anxiety and sadness that came from family gatherings has been replaced with pride and the enjoyment of family time. He will still be working towards a brighter future thanks to his program.

2017 Go the Distance For Autism Bike RideAdditional Autism Information

Autism is a neurobiological-based developmental disability that emerges during a child’s first 3 years of life.

Currently, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the US. To date, New Jersey has the highest rates of autism in the United States.

Every child with autism faces unique challenges and every family affected by autism needs reliable support & expert guidance. With early intensive behavioral intervention, children with autism and their families can meet autism’s challenges and reach their maximum potential.